What Equals Four?

Your Set Up Determines Your Results By Phil Godwin, VP of Sales, Visual Storage Intelligence® Download PDF: What Equals Four? I hate to brag, but I’m good at math. When people talk numbers – I listen. More importantly, I get it. The reason is I break a problem down to its simplest parts. Then, I … Continue reading

Sticking it to Stick Figures?

When attending popular “emerging” technologies conferences, I usually make it a point to sit in on at least four or five sessions. During one of these “showcase” sessions, I heard the presenter say, “Excel is the #1 tool used in IT reporting.” Really?  I then looked around and could not believe it – everyone was … Continue reading

3 Human Factors that Inhibit Storage Analysis

by Van Symons, President, Clear Technologies The economy is still in a fragile state.  Although we see signs of recovery, a majority of our customers are in the process of, and seem to be relishing in cost containment. Analyzing the wasted dollars spent on storage management is a task that is constantly playing in the … Continue reading

Pareto Productivity and Pricing

by Phil Godwin, Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Clear Technologies Recently, I met with a customer who feared that his cost of buying storage will skyrocket due to a recent flood in Thailand. Seriously, Thai floods? I naturally thought he was joking! As I shrugged off his grievance, he showed me an article that … Continue reading