Is it tool time (again)? Business Intelligence for Information Technologists

By Phil Godwin, VP of Sales, Clear Technologies

During a recent customer visit, a senior executive lamented about the amount of tools that his organization has purchased and accumulated over the years. He exclaimed, “I don’t know what we have, nor do I know what most of these tools do; but one thing I know is I constantly find myself on a tool buying binge – in which I buy tools to fix certain problems and then never use them again!” As he was speaking, I was reminded of my own tool tribulation tale.
Over the years, I have managed to amass an impressive number of home repair tools that I use on do-it-yourself projects, honey-dos, and on minor quick fixes. Birthdays, emergencies, discounted items have all bolstered my home improvement arsenal.
However, during the same period of time, I have managed to misplace, lose, and altogether forget about some of my tool treasure-trove. And, as a result of my tool tribulations, I constantly repurchase tools that I already own.
My usual solution is to run to the hardware store to purchase the needed tool. Two dollars here, ten dollars there, may not initially seem like a lot of money, but it sure adds up quick. My wife recently pointed out that I needed to address this issue since our annual tool-buying total was over $5000! After hearing that figure, I began to wonder if I am “the tool” who cannot deny himself of a tool temptation.
The former me would have simply claimed that aliens abducted my tools, thrown all of my remaining tools in a large tool box, told my wife I would do better in the future, and then passive-aggressively begin my tool-buying addiction actions again. However, this year, I wanted to make a change. As a result, I decided to remedy the problem.
I first inventoried the tools that I could find, and then began to organize my tools. I quickly noticed that I could not inventory tools that I could not see. As a result, I laid out all of my tools. Then, I looked for redundant tools, assessed my garage-storage capacity, and gave away redundant space consuming tools. Thereafter, I set up my tools in a manner in which I could constantly see their location. Needless to say, my efforts have paid off and I have not purchased a redundant set of tools in over a year!

You can’t get what you don’t see. I shared my tool temptation tale with the senior executive and explained that our company, Clear Technologies, has two technologies that provide business intelligence (BI) for information technology (IT). Our solutions, Dynamic Log Analysis™ and Visual Storage Intelligence™, both provide visual intelligence on the tools that are in IT environments and help the IT departments more efficiently organize their tools.

Dynamic Log Analysis™. Our security solution, Dynamic Log Analysis™, allows an IT executive to visually see all of the applications currently in use within the network ecosystem. Moreover, Dynamic Log Analysis™ relies heavily on Naïve Bayesian Histogram Analysis to collect, analyze, interpret, and score internal and external threats that can then be used to report, alert, and monitor security events and incidences.

Visual Storage Intelligence™. Our storage solution, Visual Storage Intelligence™, allows an IT executive to visually see all of the storage needs of each application. Moreover, Visual Storage Intelligence™ collects, analyzes, interprets and then monitors storage capacity and redundancy on storage arrays.

Tool time tribulations solved. The next time you have a tool temptation; call on us to first provide you the necessary business intelligence to throttle your temptation. Our solutions enable BI for IT, which provides the necessary intelligence to make better and more effective tool-buying decision-making.


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